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15 October 1984

"Please be kind"

Author: Roy Kift (Great Britain) Genre: Radio play Production: RIAS 1984 Director: Götz Naleppa Editing: Götz Naleppa [...]

15 October 1984

'One car, only 500 marks'

Author: Wolf Deinert Genre: Radio play Production: RB 1984 Director: Götz Naleppa Music: Kalle Winkler Length: [...]

15 October 1984

"Robinsonate" - An island sound play in 15 movements

Author: Transit Communication, based on an idea by Götz NaleppaGenre: Audio ArtProduction: WDR 1984Directed by Götz NaleppaRecording date: [...]

16 April 1984

This Soul Adored Mozart and Cimarosa - Musical Portrait of the Writer Henri Beyle, Called Stendhal

Author: Gudrun Müller-Sabe Genre: Music Feature Production: RIAS 1984 Director: Götz Naleppa Length: 101 min: [...]

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