Radio plays

"That's how he lived"

Author: Thomas Walther (FRG 1954)
Genre: Radio play
Production: RIAS/BR 1983
Director: Götz Naleppa
Length: 85 min.
Sound and technology: Klaus Krüger, Hannelore Schmidt

Klaus: Max Krückl
Schorsch: Frank Grützbach
Klutt: Horst Thomeyer
Siggi: Martin Sperr
Policeman: Horst Thor
Nickel: Klaus-Jürgen Daehn
Mrs Nickel: Marianne Benker
Miss Inge: Gabriele Bach
Muggenlauer: Herbert Müller
Sonja: Hilde Volkmann
Högthaler: Fitzgerald Kusz

The Büchner quote in the title (the last sentence from the story "Lenz") refers to the main character of the radio play, a teenage farm labourer who lives exploited and almost without human attention in years of dependence on a Bavarian state estate. The play presents a person deformed by oppression, whose attempts to break out must fail because freedom has already become threatening due to the long deprivation. From his own knowledge, the author describes very precisely the atmosphere and working situation on a Bavarian farm. Dialect is used as a realistic stylistic device. The production of the play on a farm and the cast take the realism of the play into account and consciously place it in the tradition of socially critical folk plays from Horvath to Sperr.

Comments: Awards: Radio Play of the Month

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