Radio plays

"That's how he lived"

Author: Thomas Walther (FRG 1954)
Genre: Radio play
Production: RIAS/BR 1983
Director: Götz Naleppa
Length: 85 min.
Sound and technology: Klaus Krüger, Hannelore Schmidt

Klaus: Max Krückl
Schorsch: Frank Grützbach
Klutt: Horst Thomeyer
Siggi: Martin Sperr
Policeman: Horst Thor
Nickel: Klaus-Jürgen Daehn
Mrs Nickel: Marianne Benker
Miss Inge: Gabriele Bach
Muggenlauer: Herbert Müller
Sonja: Hilde Volkmann
Högthaler: Fitzgerald Kusz

The Büchner quote in the title (the last sentence from the story "Lenz") refers to the main character of the radio play, a young farm labourer who lives exploited and almost without human attention in years of dependency on a Bavarian state estate. The play presents a person deformed by oppression, whose attempts to escape must fail because freedom has already become a threat due to the long period of weaning. From his own experience, the author describes the atmosphere and working situation on a Bavarian farm very precisely. Dialect is used as a realistic stylistic device. The production of the play on a farm and the cast do justice to the realism of the play and consciously place it in the tradition of socially critical folk plays from Horvath to Sperr.

Comments: Awards: Radio Play of the Month

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