2 October 2022, 8:04h, hr2

3 October 2022, 8:05h, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Kakadu: Children's radio play:

The message in a bottle

Radio play by Klaus Kordon

Director: Götz Naleppa

Assistance: Beatrix Ackers

Technical realisation: Bernd Friebel


Max-Volkert Martens, Martina Elias, Felix Leiberg, Julia Reschke, Alexander Kaiser, Peter Regenbrecht, Kerstin Keicher, Fatih Pinarcik, Else Nabu, Egon Hofmann, Leon Boden, Gela Leiberg, Dieter Kursawe, Katharina Koschny.

Just imagine: the great city of Berlin would be a divided city, where the people, and of course the children of both parts, would be separated by a wall! (Already) unimaginable? Matze lives in East Berlin, and one day he has an idea. He wants to send a message in a bottle that will float down the Spree and into the Elbe, and then on, across the sea, to distant lands - or so he thinks. In reality, however, the bottle with its trilingual message only floats over to West Berlin - and that's where Lika finds it. When Lika decides to reply to Matze, it is the beginning of many, many complications. Not because of her or Matze, nor because of her friends Pipusch and Bob. They manage to get in touch with each other and they get along quite well. But their parents! What problems they see with such "East-West contacts" ... And then Lika and Matze want to meet!

The radio play is a production by RIAS Berlin from 1990 - and itself also a piece of German-German cooperation, because Bernd Friebel from the former GDR radio stood in for a sound engineer who suddenly fell ill. 

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