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Götz Naleppa

has directed countless radio plays since 1970 - first for RIAS-Berlin, later for its successor Deutschlandradio, as well as for almost all ARD radio stations. He is one of the best-known and most experienced radio play directors in Germany. His work primarily includes literary radio plays, but also crime radio plays, children's radio plays, radio play series, comedies, musical radio plays, experimental radio plays, short radio plays, features, Originalton radio plays or poems.

He was instrumental in the development of the Kunstkopf radio play in the 70s and 80s.

Coming from the theatre, Götz Naleppa has occasionally taken on theatre productions, including the musical "In der Nacht sind alle Taxen grau" (Andreas Pflüger) at the GRIPS Theatre, Berlin or the world premieres of "Kreisspiel" and "Ein Labyr ist kein Labyr" (Arthus C. Caspari) for the Akademie der Künste, Berlin.

Finally, Götz Naleppa has been voice directing opera recordings for DECCA and the Holland Festival in Amsterdam for several years.

In addition to intensive work with the actor, the musicality of the design is a hallmark of Götz Naleppa's directing style.

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