Götz Naleppa

founded and was editorially in charge of Deutschlandradio Kultur's weekly programme "Klangkunst" for 15 years, a programme for international digital sound art - always in the night from Thursday to Friday from 0.05 am to 1 am:


Original broadcasts 1995 - 2008

His responsibilities also included the "Geräusch des Monats" (sound of the month), five-minute sound compositions made of everyday noises, music or voices, with which the radio drama department's programmes end:


and finally the "Newcomerwerkstatt" (Newcomer Workshop), which presents talented newcomers to the sound art scene with their compositions 4 times a year - always at the end of the quarter of the sound art programme. 

FAQ Sound Art - Frequently asked questions about sound art

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Götz Naleppa left Deutschlandradio on 31.12.08 and has since worked as a freelance director, media artist and translator.

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