Radio plays

"Burning Love"

Author: Fitzgerald Kusz (FRG 1944)
Genre: Radio play
Production: RIAS/BR 1985
Director: Götz Naleppa
Music: Elvis Presley
Length: 72 min.
Sound and technology: Hans Martin, Helene Foltan

Cuddle: Christine Neubauer
Andi: Max Krückl

Content: The piece "Burning Love" is preceded by a Horvath quote: 'Und die Liebe höret nimmer auf'. This alludes to Fitzgerald Kusz's role models, the folk plays by Horvath and Marieluise Fleisser. Like them, Kusz is also concerned with love and speechlessness. "Burning Love" is the story of eighteen-year-old labourer Andi and seventeen-year-old Anschi. The young girl doesn't understand why her boyfriend is so obsessed with Elvis Presley that he identifies with him. Anschi works in the office, believes in newspaper horoscopes and dreams of great love. On Sundays, the two hang out on a motorway bridge, at McDonalds or in a disco. Scenes of a first love are illuminated in cinematic cuts: rapidly changing, lurid, full of dynamite. The young couple's problematic relationship is defined by an inability to love and a longing for love. Anschi tries to put her feelings into words that are not available to Andi. So the only language he has left is violence.

Remarks: Radio play of the month

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