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"Hell's Journey"

Author: Friedrich Knilli
Genre: Feature
Production: Deutschlandfunk Kultur
Recording / first broadcast: May 2018 / 30. 6. 2018
Length: 54:24
Director: Götz Naleppa
Assistant Director: Vivien Schütz
Sound and technology: Thomas Monnerjahn

Friedrich Knilli, Helmut Mooshammer, Andreas Tobias

The rise and fall of the master tailor Josef Knilli in Graz.
Josef Knilli, the author's uncle, was the main actor in the Aryanisation of the Spielmann clothing store in Graz. He rose from being a small tailor in Fehring to becoming a big dress shop owner. Sometimes for, sometimes against the Nazis. He sat in prison for many years, but had no regrets. He died undefeated, accompanied by Mozart's "Don Giovanni".

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