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"The Power Station" or 'What do you want, you're still alive'.

Original author(s): Jens Hagen (BRD *1944 †2004)
                                  Günter Wallraff (FRG *1942)
Genre: 1TP4Audio drama
Editor: Götz Naleppa 
Production: WDR/NDR/RIAS 1973 80 min.
Director: Götz Naleppa

The documentary radio play is about the project of a group of entrepreneurs to build a power plant in a recreation and drinking water protection area. The majority of the population is against it because of the threat of air pollution, but cannot prevent the settlement. A campaign is orchestrated in which the opponents of the power plant are put under pressure, their events are occupied by intimidating people, information is preferably delivered to well-meaning editorial offices and letters to the editor are written to order. Many local politicians are no longer in a position to form an independent opinion and make a decision in the interest of the population.
'At the time, WDR had asked me to add original soundtracks to the play that Gerd Krogmann had already produced and to produce it again in collaboration with Wallraff and Hagen. That's why there is this second version, directed by Naleppa. I don't know whether the older version by Krogmann was broadcast at all. (Götz Naleppa)

Evamaria Miner, Eva-Maria Werth

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