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"ZENScapes | City, Country, River"

Author: Götz Naleppa
Genre: Sound Art / Klangkunst
Production: Götz Naleppa 2019
Original broadcast: 03.01.2020, Deutschlandfunk Kultur
Length: 45:12
Composition: Götz Naleppa
Sound and technology: Götz Naleppa

The word 'listen' contains the same letters as the word 'silent'") - Alfred Brendel.
Ever since Murray Schafer coined the term "soundscape" in 1977, soundscapes have been among the most important compositional forms of sound art. "ZENScapes | City, Country, River" consciously places itself in this tradition and at the same time attempts a further development.
The three-movement work consists of three synthetic soundscapes, each of them made up of hundreds of processed and shaped sound elements that come together in the ear to form an overall picture. I was inspired by traditional Chinese and Japanese ink painting - in which the brushstroke seems to run out into nothingness - an emptiness that becomes fullness through memory and imagination and fullness becomes emptiness. Transposed into the acoustic medium, it becomes a game of noise and silence, almost to the point of inaudibility, and a game of frenzied movement and "slow-motion" - to apparent standstill.
"ZENScapes | City, Country, River", a listening koan about the paradox: fullness is emptiness - emptiness is fullness.
(Götz Naleppa)

Awards: GOLD AWARD of the New York Festivals 2020.

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