Radio plays

"The Song of the Forsaken Whale"

Author: Yves Fabrice Lebeau (France 1945)
Genre: Radio play
Production: WDR 1993
Director: Götz Naleppa
Length: 60 min.
Translation: Eugen Helmlé

Tilly Lauenstein, Hannelore Hoger, Werner Rehm, Steffen Laube

After the death of the father, the mother cannot remain alone in her house, at least her children are convinced of that. The eldest has arranged for suitable accommodation in a comfortable old people's home. Now the task is to convince the mother. But the old woman is by no means frail; headstrong, imperious and eloquent, she demands respect and expects to be taken in by one of her three children. Commandingly, she demands their love, just as she has always known how to exercise her dominion over family life. Finally, the children capitulate and leave the mother to herself, her old house and her memories of happier times.

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