Radio plays

"Dark Sleep"

Author: Karin Fossum (Norway 1954)
Genre: Radio play
Production: DLR 2004
Translation: Gabriele Haefs
Editing: Andrea Czesienski
Music: Thomas Köner
Length: 63 min. / 53 min.
Director: Götz Naleppa
Assistant Director: Karena Lütge
Sound: Lutz Pahl

Commissioner Sejer: Winfried Glatzeder
Andreas: Matthias Walter
Zipp: Oliver Urbanski
Irma: Christine Oesterlein
Robert: Jens Bohnsack
Ms Winther: Corinna Kirchhoff

A chronic lack of money drives Andreas and Zipp through the streets of a small Norwegian town. They snatch a young woman's bag. Her child falls out of the car. The loot is just enough for a joint. During a break-in at the house of the lonely Irma Funder, Andreas falls. He remains motionless in her cellar. From now on he is helplessly at Irma's mercy. Inspector Sejer questions Zipp, but learns nothing but lies.

Published by DAV >Der Deutsche Audio Verlag< as a CD.

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