Radio plays

"A winter under the table"

Author: Roland Topor (France 1938 - 1997)
Genre: Radio play
Production: NDR/MDR 1995
Director: Götz Naleppa
Music: Susanne Schulz
Length: 71 min.
Translation: Piekenbrock, Marietta (from French)
Sound and technology: Kühnke, Christian (sound) , Berger, Christine (editing)

Florence Michalon: Christin Marquitan
Gritzka: Christian Redl
Dragomir: Sven-Eric Bechtolf
Marc Thyl: Matthias Ponnier
Raymonde Pouce: Catrin Striebeck

His Mademoiselle Michalon is really enchanting, thinks Dragomir, her lodger. The emigrant is a cobbler and happy to have found such a cheap place to stay. The fact that he has to restrict his freedom of movement a little, well, that comes with life in a foreign country. Dragomir is compensated, however, by the place of residence that Mademoiselle has assigned to him. It's right under her desk and sometimes right between her thighs. The rules of etiquette that otherwise characterise an ordinary tenancy cannot always be observed by any stretch of the imagination; for example, when Mademoiselle Michalon loses a button. The seemingly so firmly established system of up and down can - so the author's glad tidings - sometimes be taken by storm by a poor immigrant. The author provides the subversive instructions in his imaginative grotesque.

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