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Emma Goldmann - The most dangerous woman in the world'.

Author(s): Götz Naleppa (BRD *1943)
                    Rosa von Praunheim (FRG *1942) 
Production: RIAS/SWF 1981 92 min.
Director(s): Rosa von Praunheim
Composer(s): Unlimited Systems

Tags: Emma Goldmann, Anarchism

The life story of one of the great women of the international workers' movement and one of the most fascinating and human personalities among the anarchists at the turn of the century: she fought in America for the 8-hour day, for tolerable working conditions, for birth control, for women's rights and against rearmament and war.

Emma Goldmann: Marianne Enzensberger
Johann Most: Hans Nitschke
Alexander Berkmann: George Stamkowski
Anna Minkin: Ulrike Buschbacher
Fedja: Arnold Seul
Solotaroff: Karl-Heinz Haase
Ed Brady: Robert Matejka

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