Radio plays

"Fame - Famous"

Author: Anthony J. Ingrassia (USA 1944 - 1995)
Genre: Radio play
Production: RIAS 1980
Director: Götz Naleppa
Length: 102 min.
Translation: Götz Naleppa

Barbara Valentin, Michael König, Peter Fitz, Sabine Andreas, Gerd Wameling, Werner Rehm, Evelyn Künneke, Margit Carstensen, Georg Küster, Almut Eggert, a.o.

The story is told of the Hollywood star Diane Cook - and that is none other than Marilyn Monroe. All the characters who appear are easy to deduce from Monroe's biography. Nevertheless, it is not only a play about America's sex symbol of the 50s, it is a play about "fame", about glamour, about career, about the myth of being a star - and about who earns from it and what it costs: life.

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