Radio plays

"Fiore di Campo"

Author: Lucia Ronchetti and Aureliana Sorrento
Genre: Sound art
Production: Deutschlandradio Kultur / Studio for Electroacoustic Music of the Academy of Arts Berlin
First broadcast: 1 July 2016
Composition: Lucia Ronchetti
Length: 49'20
Text direction: Götz Naleppa
Sound and technology: Hermann Leppich, Gregorio Karman, Hannes Fritsch and Philip Adelmann

Tonio Arango, Stefan Kaminski, Eduardo Mulone

Giuseppe Impastato's life was short. Born into a Sicilian mafia family in 1948, he turned against the Cosa Nostra as a teenager. He propagated communism, organised peasant protests, wrote poetry.
In 1976, he founded the free radio station 'Radio Aut', where he satirised the mafia bosses of his hometown Cinisi.
Collage of radio recordings, poems and biographical scenes about a courageous person.

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