Radio plays

"Mrs. Anna B. comes to the fourth floor"

Author: Andreas Marber (FRG 1961)
Genre: Radio play
Production: RIAS 1990
Director: Götz Naleppa
Length: 55 min.
Sound and technology: Fett; Schütt

Participants: Anna Blume: Dagmar Altrichter
The Other: Tilly Lauenstein
Piano: Carolyn Kuban

Content: The bench in front of the tightly organised retirement home is the meeting place of Anna B. from the mezzanine floor and her flatmate from the second floor. They gossip about new arrivals, departures, hanky-panky. But the daily chit-chat is by no means as harmless as it seems. In truth, it serves one of the two old ladies for a murderous seduction....

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