Radio plays

"That one from the assembly"

Author: Paul Bowles (USA 1910 - 1999)
Genre: Radio play
Production: BR 1993
Director: Götz Naleppa
Editing: Garleff Zacharias-Langhans
Length: 62 min.

Christian Brückner, Thomas Holtzmann, Leo Bardischewski, Hans-Werner Meyer, Käte Jaenicke

A tale from North Africa, a story full of dazzling strangeness. Ben Tajah returns from a trip to the mountains. The one in the meeting makes his journeys in his head. Ben Tajah is old, the other is young, a stoner. They meet in the café of the Two Bridges. The one from the congregation smokes his sebsi, Ben Tajah thinks: 'The sky trembles, and the earth fears, and the two eyes are not brothers'. In a letter he picked up from the street bearing his name, he found the unusual message. Ben Tajah fears Satan. That one from the congregation fears the police. For half a night, the paths of the two merge. The morning leads each back to his own world.

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