Radio plays

"Fog Storm"

Author: Johan Theorin
Genre: Crime radio play
Production: Deutschlandadio Kultur 2011
Editing: Andrea Czesienski
Recording date: January 2011
Music: Werner Cee
Length: 56'20
Director: Götz Naleppa
Assistant Director: Karena Lütge
Sound and Sound and Technology: Thomas Monnerjahn, Gunda Herke

Joakim Westin - Bernhard Schütz
Tilda Davidsson - Katharina Rivilis
Mirja Rambe - Erika Skrotzki
Gerlof Davidsson - Otto Mellies
Michael Hesslin - Guntram Brattia
Doctor - Maria Hartmann
Katrine Westin - Cathlen Gawlich

An old farm on the island of Öland, built from the wood of a wrecked ship: the voices of dead sailors are said to be heard here on stormy winter nights. Joakim has no idea of all this when he moves into the abandoned property with his family. But then the body of his drowned wife is found on the beach. Was it an accident - or the curse of the ill-fated house?

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