Radio plays

"Four in a fish belly"

Author: Mario Göpfert (after Hans Christian Andersen)
Genre: Radio play for children
Production: Deutschlandadio Kultur 2011
Editing: Mario Göpfert
Recording date: June 2011
Music: Frieder Butzmann
Length: 52'46
Director: Götz Naleppa
Assistant Director: Karena Lütge
Sound and technology: Bernd Friebel, Frank Klein

darning needle - Winnie Böwe
Tin Soldier - Boris Alijnovich
Herring Head - Gerd Wameling
Schilling - Stefan Kaminski

Four things meet in a fish belly: a tin soldier who has only one leg, an imaginary darning needle that thinks it is a sewing needle, a herring head that glows by itself and a silver shilling that no longer has any value. All four of them have been lost. And each thing has its own story. The tin soldier loves a little dancer made of paper. The darning needle broke when she had to darn a slipper. The herring head already had a good chance of becoming the successor to an old street lamp, but the street sweeper swept it into the gutter. And the silver shilling was abroad for a long time, where it was treated as counterfeit money. In the end, it no longer counted for anything in its own country either. Now all four are sitting in the fish belly and asking themselves: How do we get out of this?

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