Radio plays


Author: Holger Jahn (FRG 1960)
Genre: Radio play
Production: RIAS 1987
Director: Götz Naleppa
Music: John Cage
Length: 51 min.
Sound and technology: Klaus Krüger, Susanne Baltes

Contributors: Elke Petri

Here she sits, having fallen out of a tree at the age of twelve, unable to walk, being cared for by her parents. She sits behind the window like a "well-and-sit-me". The sound of words makes her think. Outside, the drunk pushes his bike to the drinks market. At the last stop of the tram, old seamen get off and walk to the seamen's home. The streets are narrow, but they lead to the canal, and the canal leads to the sea. Dreaming away? 'Rearing up', she thinks, 'would be better'.

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