27 November 2023, 22:03, Deutschlandfunk Kultur: 

"Bloodstone", crime radio play by Johan Theorin,

Editing Andrea Czesienski.

With: Otto Mellies, Ulrich Noethen, Judith Engel, Hans-Jürgen Hürrig, Andreas Schmidt, a.o.

Music Werner Cee.

Director. Götz Naleppa.


When elves and trolls fight in the quarry, their blood colours the stone red. Vendela knows these old stories because she spent her childhood on Öland. Now she wants to move with her husband to a villa near the quarry. A neighbour is old Gerlof, who tells her about the mysterious diaries of his late wife. With Per, newly divorced and heir to a house, she goes jogging. When Per's father, film producer Jerry Morner, is killed and his studios go up in flames, Per follows the trail. Gerlof and Vendela want to help him. No one suspects that Per is also in danger. 

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