4 December 2023, 22:03, Deutschlandfunk Kultur: 

"Island grave", crime radio play by Johan Theorin.

Radio play adaptation: Andrea Czesienski.

With: Otto Mellies, Matthias Habich, Margaritta Breitkreiz, Ulrike Krumbiegel, Janus Torp, Harald Schrott, Kai Maertens a.o.

Music: Werner Cee.

Directed by Götz Naleppa.


A knock wakes Gerlof Davidsson in the night. Excited, 13-year-old Jonas tells him about a ghost ship full of dying sailors and a crazy old man with an axe. It is high season on Öland and the guests have come to celebrate Midsummer. But one of them has returned to settle a debt. Gerlof suspects who the returnee is and who he wants to take revenge on. 

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