1 April 2024 

"I am delighted to inform you that the radio drama POPULIST RADIOwhich I produced for Deutschlandfunk Kultur was awarded First Prize in the Full Length category at the Uk International Audio Drama Festival in Canterbury.

The festival, now in its tenth year, received 250 works from 32 countries showing a fresh contemporary portrait of the enormous creativity and renewal that this discipline offers.

POPULIST RADIO was produced in 2023 with the help of an exceptional team, consisting of Marcus Gammel (editor), Götz Naleppa (actor's director), Stefan Kaminski (actor), Annalisa Pace / Studio Lucca Traduce (translations).

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Stefano Giannotti

"Populist Radio" by Stefano Giannotti.

Translation from the Italian: Bonnie Eldred

Director: Götz Naleppa

With: Stefan Kaminski, Jeffrey Yu and the author

Drums: Arnaud Krakowka

Composition and realisation: the author

Sound: Herman Leppich and Stefano Giannotti

Dramaturgy: Marcus Gammel

Production: Deutschlandfunk Kultur 2023

Length: 53'14

"Populist Radio" broadcasts whatever comes across as spectacular and lurid. It's not the content that counts, but the maximally pointed form: Advertisements for absurd products, quotes from reckless politicians and religious fanatics, recommendations for action in the event of a nuclear war, information on the state of the pandemic. Every statement can also mean its opposite. Stefano Giannotti listens deeply into the abysses of the medium of radio.

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