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"Corpus Delicti"

Author: Transit Communication
Genre: Audio Art
Production: WDR/RIAS 1986
Director: Götz Naleppa
Music: Transit Communication
Length: 48 min.

Transit Communication (Eberhard Flöter) (Ute Kannenberg) (Joachim Litty) (Johannes Theurer) (Andreas Weiser) and
Wolfgang Neuss, Karin Dagmar Hohendorf, Manfred Ploetz, Peter Haas

The culture of the 80s discovered the body, gave birth to joggers and gyms, a new body cult and a nation of male and female bodybuilders. Is this why we now live in a more body-friendly and healthier world? What are we doing to our bodies? The group "Transit Communication" tries to explore the body with voice, instrumental music, with nature and environmental sounds, with body percussion, breath and all the sound possibilities of the human body, to depict its relations to the environment, to create a fictitious body and to show what happens to it, what penetrates onto and into it.

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