Radio plays

"The Message in a Bottle"

Author: Klaus Kordon (BRD 1943)
Genre: Children's radio play
Production: RIAS 1990
Director: Götz Naleppa
Music: Joachim Litty
Length: 58 min.
Sound and technology: Bernd Friebel, Helmut Hoffmann

Narrator - Max Volkert Martens
Matze - Felix Leiberg
Piepusch - Alexander Kaiser
Lieka - Kerstin Keicher
Bob - Fatih Pinarcik
and Else Nabu, Egon Hofmann, Gela Leiberg, Leon Boden, Dieter Kursawe, Katharina Koschny, Julia Reschke, Martina Elias, Peter Regenbrecht.

Michael Henning - Piano & Accordion
Andreas Weiser - Percussion
Joachim Litty - Saxophones

The story takes place in 1989 in the divided city of Berlin. Matze lives in East Berlin and one day has an idea. He wants to send a message in a bottle that will float down the Spree to the Elbe and then on to distant countries. In West Berlin, Lika and Bob play on the Spree after school and fish the bottle out of the water. This leads to an exchange of letters between East and West, which causes a lot of trouble. But the children write to each other anyway, and they become curious about the other part of the city. Finally, Matze and Lika even organise a secret meeting.

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