Radio plays

"Klara's Box"

Author: Rahel van Kooij
Genre: Children's radio play
Production: Deutschlandadio Kultur 2009
Editing: Andrea Czesienski
Recording date: October 2009
Music: Frieder Butzmann
Length: 48'46
Director: Götz Naleppa
Assistant Director: Karena Lütge
Sound and technology: Lutz Pahl, Frank Klein

Narrator - Stefan Kaminski
Julius - David Reibel
Elena - Rosina Lamps
Xandi - Wyn Engeholm
Valentin - Anton Kurth
Mama - Katharina Zapatka
Grandpa - Otto Mellies
Frieda - Christine Oesterlein
Clare - Leslie Malton
Granny - Gabriele Heinz
Speaker - Götz Naleppa

Julius is in the 4th grade. The pupils like their teacher Klara Meindert very much. But she is seriously ill and they learn that she will not get better. As long as she can, she wants to stay with the children in class. That way they can slowly say goodbye to each other. Julius' mother would prefer the teacher to retire. But Julius and his friends want to give Klara a farewell present. They build her a coffin. A colourful, cheerful one that she doesn't have to be afraid of...

Remarks: 2nd prize at the Children's Radio Play Award 2010

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