29 December 2019, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Kakadu - children's radio play:

Ghost song (1/2)

By Gabriele Neumann

Based on the novel by Wieland Freund

Director: Götz Naleppa

Composition: Frieder Butzmann

With: Joshua Thiemann, Odi Zahavi, Otto Mellies, Martin Seifert, Max Volker Martens a. o.

Production: Deutschlandradio Kultur 2006

Length: 50'50

(Part 2 on 01.01.2020)


Malte is twelve years old, lives in a small village and is often bored. This changes when Gottfried shows up.

Gottfried is the same age as Malte and has come to the inn owned by Malte's parents for his uncle's funeral. Gottfried comes from an old noble family and believes that there is a curse on his family. There are hints, but no one talks about it. Gottfried needs Malte's support. Feldeisen, the strange cemetery caretaker, seems to be behind it all. Gottfried wants to go to the cemetery at midnight to find out more. And Malte is supposed to come along.

Wieland Freund, born 1969, lives as a freelance author in Berlin, writes translations, novels, literary criticism and works for the radio.

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