Radio plays

"Max and Mozart"

Author: Liese Haug (FRG 1954)
Genre: Children's radio play
Production: DLR/MDR 2006
Music: Mozart
Length: 50 min.
Director: Götz Naleppa
Assistant Director: Karena Lütge
Sound: Thomas Monnerjahn

Contributors: Max: Lukas Huthmann
Martin: Kevin Arand
Viola: Lili Zahavi
Director: Gerd Wameling
Queen of the Night: Maria Hartmann
Prompter: Martin Seifert
Sarastro: Otto Mellies
Max as a small child: Rosina Lampen
Soprano: Olga Peretyatko
Flute: Ulf Schaaff
Children's voices: Johannes Selle, Konstantin Schneider, Victor de Maizière
Rapporteur: Gottfried Eberle, Dirk Döbrich

Content: The premiere of Mozart's 'Magic Flute' is in two hours. But one of the three boys has disappeared. It's Max, who hid in a box upstairs in the costume shop after a huge row at the dress rehearsal. He doesn't want to perform. This is his revenge on the two other boys. One of the boys is a girl and that's the problem. Ever since Viola took over the role of the third boy for the injured Timmi, there has been nothing but teasing, arguments and betrayal. Martin in particular, boy number two, is a mean traitor. And just a few days ago they were best friends. Max had imagined it all to be very different. Nothing at the theatre is as it seems. Not even Mozart, who gets Max out of his box just in time.
But then the curtain rises. The three boys sing their heavenly trio, and Mozart's music enchants everyone.

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