Radio plays

"My Body in Nine Parts".

Author: Raymond Federman
Genre: Radio play
Production: DKultur 2008
Translation and editing: Gaby Hartel
Recording date: March 2008
Music: Art De Fakt
Length: 44'56
Director: Götz Naleppa
Assistant Director: Karena Lütge
Sound and technology: Lutz Pahl, Herrmann Leppich

Raymond Federman, Martin Engler - Voices
Music: Urban Elsässer, Ludger Singer, Anja Kowalski, Aram Schneider, Brigitta Schäfer, Uwe Böttcher - Art De Fakt

Text with music: Federman talks about his body - from his little-loved Jewish nose to the nine scars on his body...

Radio Play of the Month (May 2008)
Statement of the Jury of the German Academy of Performing Arts:
This acoustic performance is light-footed, self-ironic, funny and philosophical, in which Raymond Federman takes a descriptive distance from his body and at the same time enters into a tenderly intimate closeness with it. His own body, the whole, dissected into nine parts - from the eyes to the hair, the tongue, the toes, the sexual organ, the broken molar to the scars - is reassembled into a biography of the body, into a life story whose traces have been inscribed into the body - or have determined the fate of life, like the 'genetic design', the Jewish nose, the 'topological memorial for all those who have been destroyed'.
The voice also has the status of a body part, the most important one: "When I speak, I am telling myself," Federman puts it. Or: 'I speak, therefore I am'. A 'body part' that plays a central role in the acoustic medium of radio, alongside music. And these elements - voice, language, musicality - come together in this body performance to form a unity that congenially takes up and supports the improvisational character of Federman's texts: Translated into German and adapted for radio by Gaby Hartel with a keen sense of Federman's irony, staged with artful ease by Götz Naleppa and musically both commented on and driven forward by the jazz band Art De Fakt, the voices of Raymond Federman and his German alter ego Martin Engler become an integral part of a sophisticated overall composition. A listening pleasure that is irresistibly captivating.

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