Radio plays

"Sweet porridge times three"

Author: Brothers Grimm/Jenny Reinhardt
Genre: Children's radio play
Production: DLR 2001
Director: Götz Naleppa
Editing: Jenny Reinhardt
Music: Frieder Butzmann
Length: 50 min.
Sound and technology: Thomas Monnerjahn, Sabine Winkler

Contributors: Jackie - Sandrine Appel
Mother - Sanja Spengler
Millet witch - Ute Kannenberg
Mr Spinaci - Christian Gaul
Elisabeth - Tabea Sitte
Grandma Emil - Ute Kannenberg
Marlies - Paula Michels
Mini - Markus Meyer
Cook - Götz Schulte
Semolina cat - Ute Kannenberg

An old fairy tale tells of a pot that can cook so much sweet porridge that everyone gets full. The magic pot has been passed on. We encounter it three times: Jackie has to eat spinach at home and wishes for sweet porridge. Then she meets the spinach witch with the magic pot and they both swap.
Elisabeth has run away from home. Hungry, she sleeps on a park bench. She meets a tramp who lends her the magic pot.
Marlies is very fat and all the children tease her about it. But she loves to eat! Suddenly Marlies is standing at the porridge counter in a huge supermarket. The shop assistant flies up the shelf with propellers on his back and fetches the magic pot.

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