29 July 2022, 0:05 a.m.

Original transmission Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Sound Art:

JUKEBOX | 25 miniatures

Sound composition by Götz Naleppa (2021)

Recording, composition and production: Götz Naleppa

Sound art goes pop: The good old Wurlitzer jukebox usually played records with songs by Elvis Presley, Harry Belafonte or Johnny Cash (7-inch / 45 rpm records, of course). In my sound composition "Jukebox | 25 Miniatures", the jukebox comes back to life and serves up 25 short sound stories, each between 40 seconds and 3 minutes long. Instead of "miniatures", you could also call them "aphorisms" = the smallest possible whole. That was my challenge when composing. The programme and the mood are announced by the first piece: "Just for Fun".

SILVER AWARD in the "soundart" category at the New York Festivals Radio Awards 2022

José Iges: "Es una caja llena de maravillas, hallazgos y sorpresas!" ("A box full of wonders, discoveries and surprises")


1-Just For Fun


3-Wind Quintet

4-Toy Joy

5-Clap and Waltz

6-Fly Swatter

7-Home Office

8-Traveling With Pierre Schaeffer

9-Chinese Nightingale


11-Beat Attack

12-Enough is Enough



15-flute wind

16-Frog concert

17-Glass Viola

18-Jungle Adventure

19-Sunken Cathedral (after Debussy) 20-Discussion




24-Minimal Water Music

25-All Stars Jam

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