2 September 2023, 15:05, Bavaria 2

Burning Love" by Fitzgerald Kusz.

With Christine Neubauer and Max Krückl.

Directed by Götz Naleppa.

Repetition (RIAS Berlin/BR 1985).

Burning Love, in Bavarian dialect, is the story of a teenage love affair between an 18-year-old worker and a 17-year-old employee. They hang out together, on the motorway bridge, in the disco, in the Burger King and they talk past each other - until the break-up, which almost becomes a catastrophe. In this play, Kusz describes the banal everyday life and the subliminal brutality in the seemingly perfect world of the provinces, where two teenagers do not find each other, but are united in hatred of their parents, whose reproaches and self-pity mock them. Fitzgerald Kusz about his play: "In one newspaper, the review of Burning Love was titled 'Romeo and Juliet on the Highway'. I liked the wording, because everything written on the subject of love can only be a variant of this age-old archetypal story."

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