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"The Legend of Mount Ararat"

Original author: Yasar Kemal (Turkey)
Editor: Tayfun Erdem
Götz Naleppa
Production: RIAS 1985 119 min. (stereo) - adaptation literature  
Director: Götz Naleppa
Composer(s): Tayfun Erdem

Tags: Turkey

One morning, a magnificent, richly decorated white horse stands in front of Ahmet's hut. No inhabitant of Mount Ararat would ever return such a gift from God. But the Pasha wants to take back his white horse, he knows neither tradition nor traditional law. The prince's mania for ruling finally finds a limit in the pride of the people who revolt against him.
The 'Legend of Mount Ararat' goes back to Kurdish epics from eastern Anatolia. They are set in a time of cultural upheaval in Turkish history, in which the Ottoman dynasty built up its world empire with brutality and cunning. Where it was victorious, it installed a 'modern' religious-social system that took power away from the old tribal princes and threw the old folk traditions overboard.
Tayfun Erdem, a Turkish composer and singer living in Berlin, has rewritten the legend in the spirit of the folk singers of the time, the Asik, and told it with contemporary musical means oriented towards jazz.

Participants: Hürdem Gürel, Okay Temiz, a.o.

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