Radio plays

"You have to ask, because there is no answer".

Author: Arthus C. Caspari (BRD 1921)
Genre: Radio play
Production: NDR/DLR 1997
Director: Götz Naleppa
Length: 61 min.

Michael Degen, Monica Bleibtreu, Heiko Senst, Sabine Falkenberg, Rama Dublish, Fei Yujiao, a.o.

The paradoxical title of Caspari's radio play leads us on the right track: into a puzzle game with a philosophical background. Based on the realisation that we live in a society that knows the answer to everything and no longer asks any questions, Caspari has constructed a play that varies his theme in a series of witty and profound scenes: can people live with questions without a clear answer? He wants to sow uncertainty about the credo of the information society that every question can be answered with either yes or no, zero or one. He counters the binary system's claim to absoluteness with a creative labyrinthine imagination. "Labyr" is his personal neologism made up of labyrinth and laboratory, a theory of art or even a view of life, in any case a rejection of the certainty of answers.

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