Radio plays


Author: Fitzgerald Kusz (FRG 1944)
Genre: Radio play
Production: SR/RB/ORF 1989
Director: Götz Naleppa
Music: Stefan Warmuth, Thomas Holm
Length: 71 min.
Sound and technology: Werner Klein, Inge Lausberg

Hermann: Willy Harlander
Hanna: Maria Singer
Emmi: Enzi Fox
Fritz: Axel Bauer
Rolf: Peter Weiß
One man: Werner Stocker
A woman: Christine Neubauer
Shooting booth woman: Julia Fischer

Retired Hermann lives 'in the wrong time and in the wrong country'. At his silver wedding anniversary, he dreams himself into a cowboy dream world, misunderstood by his wife, friends and especially by his career-addicted son.
Then Hermann suddenly disappears - and reappears as a beggar in the pedestrian zone...
A petit-bourgeois satire (in Bavarian dialect) about a maladjusted man.

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