20 November, 22:03, Deutschlandfunk Kultur: 

"Nebelsturm", crime radio play by Johan Theorin, adapted by Andrea Czesienski.

With Bernhard Schütz, Cathlen Gawlich, Katharina Rivilis, Otto Mellies and many more.

Music: Werner Cee.

Directed by Götz Naleppa.


A cold, dark autumn on the Swedish island of Öland. Joakim and his family have moved into the Åludden farm. The property was built from the timber of a shipwreck and the names of all those who drowned in the accident are carved on a beam in the barn. The previous inhabitants of this place have not been happy here. And then Joakim's wife Kathrine is found on the beach. She is dead. Drowned in the sea. The young policewoman Davidsson takes on the case.


"...Theorin once again sets this story on Öland, giving him the opportunity to get his "Gerlof" involved again. As in "Öland", he is once again responsible for the decisive clue. The barren island provides a perfect setting for an atmospheric story, and the fact that there are also a few ghostly sequences makes it even more interesting. In fact, this special setting is also conveyed in the radio play. This is the highlight of this production, alongside the excellent voice cast...

A definite listening recommendation due to the successful atmosphere.“

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