21 May 2023, 8:05 a.m., Deutschlandfunk Kultur:

Pinocchio", children's radio play based on the stories by Carlo Collodi by Thilo Reiffert.

With: Leo Knizka, Jens Wawrczek, Uli Noethen, Mandy Rudski, Udo Kroschwald, Matthias Walter, Markus Meyer, Lionel Holländer, Götz Naleppa.

Music: Frieder Butzmann. 

Directed by Götz Naleppa.


At the end of the fairy training, each student has to pass an exam. She must perform a miracle - and make a person happy. In the workshop of the old doll maker Gepetto, a young fairy attempts her journeyman's piece. But it doesn't quite work out. Only a freshly carved doll comes to life and is a right wooden head. He runs through the world, trusts crooks, skips school and gets swallowed by a whale. And yet his father, old Gepetto, loves him. When the three of them meet again after many detours in the doll maker's workshop, they decide to stay together. An old rascal, a failed fairy and a wooden doll that talks. A small, quirky family.

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