7 July 2023, 22:03, Deutschlandfunk Kultur/Klangkunst:

"Popol Vuh - the book of the origin of the Maya" (Radio Educación, Mexico/DKultur/RBB 2006), sound composition by Götz Naleppa. Music: Jorge Reyes,

Sound design: Peter Avar.

Gold World Medal at the New York Festivals 2008


After the plants and animals, the first humans were created from clay. But they were too soft and disintegrated. The second humans were made of wood. But they forgot to honour their creators and were destroyed again. The third people were made entirely of maize, they thanked their creators and founded families and nations. So tells the Popol Vuh, the unique creation book of the Maya. In the 16th century, it was given to a missionary in the Mayan language "so that the lore of our people might survive".

The sound artist Götz Naleppa combines texts in German and the Mayan language Quiché with jungle sounds around historical temple sites and with pre-Hispanic music.

"Popol Vuh" was awarded the Prix Marulić international radio prize in 2007 and received the "Gold Award" from the New York Festivals the following year.

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